About Urkraft


The pandemic quickly prompted people to invest in gyms as public gyms closed. This led to empty stores and ridiculous used prices. Fuck it. Home gym is ingenious and Urkraft's goal is to sell equipment that is maximally useful, with as high a quality as possible at something that is still a reasonable price.


This is an old Norse / Germanic word, and still exists in German and the Scandinavian languages today. The definition is: Fundamental, primordial power. All these words are exceptionally well suited for training with barbells.

This symbol is the futhark rune "Ur", also known as "Uruz". It takes its name from the primeval bull and symbolizes strength, thus it fits perfectly as a symbol of Urkraft's vision. Another interesting coincidence is that this symbol is not that far from the Chinese symbol力, called liliang, which is their symbol of strength.


Because we only have the best product of each type. With our very limited selection, you can do almost anything in powerlifting, weightlifting and crossfit. That's three strength sports that can be unlocked with 10 simple products. That said, it is possible we will do something like powerlifting rods in the future (thicker and with center ring), larger racks, rack accessories (especially monolifts) and maybe even an adjustable bench and steel discs intended exclusively for powerlifting. Time will tell.