URKRAFT calibrated rubber-coated weight discs

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Excellent weight discs for smaller weight adjustments. Follows IWF specifications and apart from the logo are identical to IWF-approved discs from an American company with a name similar to ROUGE ;-)

  • KG Change Plates to fine-tune the load on the bar
  • Sold in pairs, or as a set of 25kg (Two of each except 1.25kg)
  • 50.40MM opening
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 10 grams
  • Coated with rubber to grip the rod better and to last longer
  • NOTE: Must not be dropped alone, only together with bumper plates
  • Matt finish

Due to a mistake in the proofreading (small print to read on a mobile while on holiday) it says "Norway" on the discs. Cool enough, since Urkraft is a Norwegian company, but the discs are manufactured in China, like almost all other such weight discs in the world.